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imotion 46 portrait outdoor LCD  Smart city promotionimotion 46 portrait outdoor LCD  Smart city wayfinding in rainimotion 46 portrait outdoor LCD  stadium entrance  imotion 46 portrait outdoor LCD  Smart city wayfinding imotion 46 portrait Smart city wayfinding


Large 75 sunlight readable outdoor imotion 46” and 175 indoor interactive public touch kiosk network was deployed to promote tourist offer and local business, as well as to inform citizens about town activities and events. Network is in operation since summer of 2012.

Situation analysis

As one of the host cities of 2012 European Football Championships in Gdansk, organizers wanted to obtain the means to lead the visitors towards full area experience. As it was expected for large masses of tourists to arrive it was crucial to deliver information at POI (point of interest) locations and for network to be well visible.


After deciding interactive outdoor LCD digital signage network would provide most powerful way of engagement with tourists and citizens during and after the event it was evident such innovative approach had to be well planned and executed. After a detailed technology research and “content GUI digital sign engineering” client went for network of 250 touch kiosks, out of which 75 had to be placed in relevant outdoor places, such as city center, vicinity of the stadium and sights. Indoor units were placed at Transport stations, tourist info centers and tourist sights. Outdoor information kiosks represented connective information tissue to enable 100% messaging coverage of POI areas.

Electronic sign content is mesh of interactive (on-demand info) and non-interactive (on-the-fly info) content. During idle time, municipality promotion messages are displayed over whole surface of displays targeting passersby on-the-fly. Users activate GUI with touch of the screen. At that point they can access wayfinding, events, sights, local business and important contacts information.

This investment should cause improved experience of tourists, increased local business revenues during and after the competition. Additional benefit is exposure of Gdansk region as modern area with affinity to innovative technology. As client wanted to make sure whole project is doen well, they contracted established local IT expert, DDS Poland, that took care of whole digital signage network integration and later also its maintenance.

Public display

Outdoor network si based on freestanding imotion 46” portrait single side kiosks of our 5th generation HVAC IP65 technology. Units were additionally equipped with PCT touch screen and info light bulb LED illuminated sign. To achieve higher vandalism protection antigrafiti coating was applied and alarm in case of physical intrusion.
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