Controlmotion Scheme: Advanced and Basic Controlmotion display settings Controlmotion operating parameters Controlmotion logs and alerts
Controlmotion remote technical control software code is what makes imotion true #IOT device, connected to technical team at all times. This makes maintenance and support of the unit much easier and enables highest level of Infinitus product support.

Final result is real-time "health status" report which translates to less time spent at the location leading to lower after-purchase activities and cost.

This powerful software is refreshing information every 10 seconds and gathers 466.560 data pieces daily (54 factors). This generates large 2,5 MB csv files each day. Software operates at all times, self-analyses system and even calls for service in case of failures. All the information gathered can be accessed through web browser GUI or sent directly to email as scheduled report. Each imotion system comes with controlmotion software.

There are two versions of software:

Basic controlmotion:

24/7/365 instant control over imotion products. Free as a part of any imotion outdoor display.

Advanced controlmotion:

Upgraded server version. Intended for networks, where total awareness of system health is needed including power shortages.

Server based controlmotion ADVANCE is fee based and allows real-time monitoring of numerous units in network. On the other hand, with basic controlmotion software, operator needs to connect via IP address to each imotion and access it with a special dedicated username and password, the combination of which is unique to each separate imotion product.

There are two possibilities for controlmotion ADVANCE, server can either run in Infinitus partner premises or Infinitus can organize host option and if required so by specific project Infinitus can provide also technical management over the network. controlmotion ADVANCE is available for imotion G7, imotion G6 and imotion FLOW lines and provides the ability to have both product lines connected to one sever license.

Our product range consists of different product lines with different device set ups as evident from scheme below. The schematics cover only the most important components integrated into the product and a rough idea of how controlmotion software connects with imotion IOT outdoor screens

Enables system operator to control: Deliver info about:
Brightness level Inner enclosure temperatures
Contrast level AC temperature
Sound level Outdoor temperature
Turn panel on or off Evaporator temperature
Turn sound on or off Inner enclosure humidity level
Set daily schedule of these activities Electronic power consumption
Web connection configuration All relevant events needing attention via email
Filter contamination status report

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