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Case study - imotionFLOW custom detail Europapark
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After experiencing difficulties with informing visitors, second largest European theme park has deployed displays to enhance visitor experience and increase the park revenues. All with the help of uniquely built imotionFLOW harsh environment digital signage displays.  

Situational analysis
Europapark is one of the largest Theme Parks in the world, and is second largest in Europe. Small town of Rust, with annual frequency of 5.000.000 visitors is packed with rides and high range hotels. Number of visits and the offer is growing very fast and with international clientele coming from Germany, Switzerland, France and other European countries, management decided it was necessary to adopt outdoor digital signage info board as a way to better inform and guide the visitors around the area and promoting available services.

Visitors were in general satisfied with the experience, but it was not possible to ignore underlying problem that is well described in this visitor Google+ review comment:
"Definitely 5 stars for kids. The resasons I gave 3 stars because they Park Management could use some new technology to ease our life & guide us inside the park. The current mobile app is not that supportive. Beside, car parking is a bit far from the enterance. It would take 15 minutes walking if you have 5 years kid walking next to you. Anyway, it was too fun for kids and that was the target.” Hisham Alhajer (source: google review).

Scheduled developments in the near future includes building lower standard lodgings, as well as complete water park, which will make use of digital signs essential for maximization of business results.

Due to the image and park branding, it was crucial to connect to the expert supplier to develop unique displays, that would augment park experience, and would not be “simple” screen.  
Infinitus has created, in cooperation with Europapark and their designers, handfull of unique custom designed outdoor displays. These digital signs were placed at most relveant POS locations across the park. With large and very noticeable, 3 x 75” large directories at the entrances, theme park can be sure all visitors will be aware of events taking place as well as their exact location at the park. Smaller displays are placed on strategic points beside paths and entrances to buildings.

Positive effects of newly installed digital signage were visible right away as average waiting lines shortened. Visitors of Europapark confirmed usability of digital outdoor signage on their web siter survey, where more than 70% of voters considered such upgrade as an useful addition.
Public display
Europapark was in need or expert supplier with capacity to build reliable high build quality custom displays. For now, park is using Infinitus developed unique imotionFLOW 3 x 75« Portrait directory and event schedules display, imotionFLOW 47« portrait freestanding units, custom imotionFLOW 75« wallmount screens and custom imotionFLOW 55« portrait wallmounted .
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